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RunInjuryFree is an iphone app and it's also coupled to a web app to track your training, routes and achievements online.  
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    What is the point of the "walk/run" mode? The walk/run mode is designed to let you alternate walking and running during a given duration, time or without specific limits. It is perfect to increase endurance when the body is not really ready for a hard running session. It can be due to lack of fitness, injury or simply as a recovery if you trained hard just the day before. You will find a plan for walk/run training sessions here.

    What is so great about "pace training"?
    Pace training will let you enter the parameters of your training in term of Distance/Duration or Distance/Pace or Duration/Pace. When you start running, you will always know how you are doing against the ideal of this specific training.

    There are many reasons why this is beneficial:
    • You will be stimulated to train harder than when you run by feel or if you only try to use non-performance related goal (such as staying in a given heart zone).
    • You will learn to calibrate so that in time you will exactly know which pace you can sustain for a given distance.
    • It is the systematic best way to ensure you will progressively train closer to a peak race goal. Your training is specific to you and increases your chances to achieve your goal.
    You will find a plan for target pace training sessions here.

    Can you tell me more about "interval training"?
    Interval Training or Hill Training are very intensive but beneficial forms of training. It is recommended to add such a training session once a week.

    If you are climbing your hill or doing your sprint for a duration less than 30 seconds, then you are doing neuro-muscular training. This has been shown to reduce injuries in a number of scientific publications. It makes your body stronger.

    If your intense effort last more than 30 seconds, then you are doing lactic-acid tolerance training. It is also beneficial. As an example, it will improve your endurance and capability to finish a race.

    Can you tell me more about "skill training" ?
    You are limiting yourself unnecessarily if you are always running the same kind of distances at the same kind of speed. Try it all! Get the whole experience: train your strength, speed, aerobic, lactate threshold and endurance skills. Perfect your strong sides but also improve on your weak sides. You will receive the following benefits:
    • Get a stronger body by using all possible running muscles in all possible ways.
    • Discover the kind of activity you actually enjoy the most. It's important to maximize joy by all means =) this is what will keep you going.
    At first use, you will have only access to the first level for a given skill. As you complete it, more challenging levels will be made available to you. For every level, a score is calculated and can always be improved. Hours of running challenges are awaiting you.

    How does the app helps me to ensure that I became a faster runner?
    In the section Stats->Achievements, you will be able to see your best recorded achievements decomposed by distance: 1km, 5km, 10km, Half-marathon and Marathon.

    If you have recorded such a run it will display your best time as well as average pace. You are then free to set a new reference time if you want to. A training will be initialized so that you get at all time during your run information about how good you are doing to achieve a new personal record.

    If you manage to set a new personal record on any distance after a few weeks of training, you know you are making progress!